Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Water Ad

As my companion and I were walking to lunch one day, we were talking about how we would like to lose some weight, and how we should go about acheiving this goal (this conversation is just about as common as our conversation about when we should make ou next batch of chocolate chip cookies...hahaha, yes, I know, não faz sentido).  When we arrived at the Irmã 's home, she began to tell us that strange things were appearing in her water.  She then brought out a tiny plastic cup of water that she had filled from the tap.  As I looked into the cup, I could see 10 or so baby worms swimming around in the water (talk about instant shivers)!  Normally the water from the tap isn't that bad, but Sousa hasn't had a good rainstorm (rain for a week or longer) in about a year or longer.  So, the water is getting low and other exciting things are appearing.  When my companion looked into the cup I jokingly made the comment, "How much weight do you think we'd lose if we drank that cup of water?!"  Needless to say, we evaluated the pros and cons of the situation and decided that it would be better to try other methods of weight loss! hahaha

This past week, we had two baptisms scheduled for Saturday.  At the last minute, our second baptism fell through.  For the rest of the weekend I prayed and pondered a lot about this investigator, trying to receive inspiration on why he had given up at the last minute when he had seemed so firm, and how we could help him set another date to be baptized.  As I thought back on everything we had taught him, I remembered on lesson when he had acted a little strange.  When I shared this with my companion, she concorded with me.  When we arrived at his house on Tuesday, we began to ask inspired questions.  My companion asked him if we had taught him something that he thought would be difficult to obey.  He replied that we had, but wouldn't come out and say what it was.  In that moment, I could see clearly in my mind the commandment that he was struggling with.  I didn' give myself a second to doubt the inspiration, and immediately asked him if it was this commandment.  He replied that it was.  It was incredible experience, an Ammon and King Lamonhi type of experience.  My companion and I had used observations, study, prayer, inspired questions, and than trust in the Spirit to pin point the nesessity of our investigator.  Once we understood his need, we were able to once more follow the spirit and teach a lesson that helped him overcome his fears and doubts and fortify his desire to be baptized!  I know that the gift of discernment is real!  When we righteously and diligently strive to serve and bless others, we will receive the needed guidance and inspiration!  We are not alone on this journey or this task to strengthen our families, wards, and stakes!  I know that this Church is true!  We are guided by a living Prophet who recieves revelations daily!  This is the only true Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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