Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Power of Change

There is nothing more sweet to my ears, than to ask an investigator if they read the Book of Mormon, and then to hear them say, "yes! I read the part you marked, and now I'm reading from the beginning and I'm in 1 Nephi 12!  I LOVE the Book of Mormon; de verdade, I am passionate about the Book of Mormon.  I love it's stories, it's teachings, and it's power to answer the questions of the soul.  So, when an investigator begins to embrace the Book of Mormon and understand it's power and wonderfulness, I become immensely happy, almost to the point of having literal sunbeams shooting from my skin!  It is incredible to watch as the principles of the Gospel truly change peoples lives.  During a lesson with one of our investigators, we asked him how he shows his faith in God.  He replied that he shows his faith by saying kneeling prayers.  He told us that before he met us, he had never said a prayer on his knees before, but now he always kneels to pray!  Another investigator got up during our Fast and Testimony meeting this Sunday, and bore her testimony about how she had always read the Bible, but when she read the Book of Mormon she could feel something different, something special! I know that this Gospel has the power to change our lives!  We know the truth!  We know what path to follow.  The only thing that we need to do is APPLY these principles into our lives.  I know that as we apply the principles of the Gospel in our lives, just like my investigators, read the Book of Mormon, say kneeling prayers, go to church, obey the commandments, we too will experience a might change in our hearts!

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