Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Six Weeks!

Sister East and I will be spending my birthday, Christmas, the New Year, and my 9 month mark together in Sousa!!  These next 6 weeks will be one big party (missionary style, of course!)!!  This past week and half has been crazy!  During the day we talk to as many people as possible, and then at night we teach lessons to the families and investigators that we have found.  It's exhausting!  During one of lessons (to be honest, many), I have to fight to keep myself awake when I'm not talking.  I try to mask my exhaustion by pretending that I'm reading the scriptures, or praying for my companion, and then when everything becomes quiet I quickly wake up and say something along the lines of, "I testify that what my companion just said is true..." and then continue with the lesson!  heehee  Somedays are more rough than other days, but as a friend of the family used to always say, "I'm still kicking!"

Last Wednesday, we had a GREAT family home evening with our ward.  We have been teaching two families, so we invited them to come to our ward family home evening.  We walked with them to the member's house, and then left to pick up André and one of his friends because they live nearby but didn't know where this member lived.  When we arrived at André's house his mom, who absolutely adores Sister East and I, invited us in to drink some water.  When we entered the kitchen, we noticed that she had made couscous with eggs (a favorite dish in Brazil).  She asked us if we liked couscous com this is a loaded question, if you say 'no', you might as well have told her that she is a terrible cook, but if you say 'yes', you better get ready to eat.  Well, we said, 'yes'.  No sooner was the word 'yes' out of my mouth and André's mom was scooping couscous on to two plates and shoving us down at the table to eat.  She then sent André out to buy us some juice real quick because water was no longer good enough!  Sister East and I didn't even try to resist, we just sat at the table and ate our couscous and laughing at the whole situation.  Needless to say, we made it to FHE a little late, but it was worth it!  Our two families loved the FHE.  We watched 'Mundo Feliz' and then played a game afterwards where one person is blindfolded and they tap a person with a wooden spoon and ask them to make an animal sound.  Then, by the sound that is made the person that is blindfolded has to guess who made the sound!  It was way fun to see what kind of sounds people made for the different animals!

I know that this Gospel is true!  If you don't have a personal testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, get one!  The morals and standards of this world are degenerating rapidly.  It's confusing and difficult to navigate our way through this world.  However, with a strong personal testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, we will make it through the mists of darkness and reach the 'tree of life'!  

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