Monday, October 22, 2012

Willy Wonka

Sister East and I made some phone calls in the chruch building during the morning and when we finished we decided to stay and watch the primary program in the other Branch.  There was the cutest little boy in the front row with suspenders that was just singing his heart out for every single song!  The music was definitely my favorite part because they didn't have a piano to accompany them, and the children only sang about 3 different notes, so when they sang it sounded like a group of Buddhist monks chanting! hahaha! 

During my time in Guarabira, Sister Blanco and I made a contact with a man who had helped to build the chapel in Sousa.  We marked a day to return and visit with him, but when we returned the house was completely empty!!  We laughed about how he had taken 'running away' from the missionaries to a whole new level - completely moving houses.  Then, this week Sister East and I were waiting for one of our investigators to arrive home after work.  We saw a man sitting in front of his house a little ways down the street and decided to go talk to him.  As we approached him, I recognized him as the man that I had met in Guarabira.  I exclaimed, "Não acredito!!! Marcos!"  (Thank goodness he had an easy name to remember.  Usually the Brazilian names are so difficult that everytime I try to say someone's name it comes out different, heehee).  I don't think Marcos was too excited to see me again, but I thought it was great.  I only wish I could know what he thought when he saw me..."what the what!  How did she find me all the way out here in Sousa, 6 hours away from Guarabira?!  I'm never going to get rid of her!"  haha!  

This past week I've been thinking a lot about the difference between Guarabira and Sousa.  My obedience, my work ethic, my love for the people, and my desire to serve hasn't changed.  Yet, the work seems so much more easy in Sousa.  We have people to teach, we have investigators that are progressing, and this past Sunday we had 11 investigators at church!!!!  If I was doing the exact same things in Guarabira that I am doing now, why didn't I have the same outcome?  As I thought more about this, I decided that sometimes the Gospel is like Willy Wonka's special bubble gum.  The recipe is the same for every person - we all need to read our scriptures daily, go to church, pray daily, have family home evening, keep the commandments, serve one another, pay our tithing, live worthy to enter the temple and attend frequently, etc - however, the outcome (at least right now in this life) won't always be the same for every person.  Just like the children in the movie Willy Wonka each tasted a different flavor, we will each receive different outcomes for our obedience and diligence.  The Lord knows us better than we know ourselves.  He knows what blessings we need and when we need them.  Just because we don't see the expected outcomes of our labors and righteousness, or just because we aren't receiving the same blessings as our neighbor doesn't mean that we have the 'wrong recipe'.  The recipe of the Gospel is correct!!  If we continue to live the principles of the Gospel faithfully, even when it seems hopeless and fruitless, we will be blessed, and we will receive eternal life!!

PS for those who may be interested in sending something for Christmas...I would LOVE to get pictures.  Thanks so much to all those who have written letters.  Every letter means so much to me, and strengthens my spirits!  I love you guys!!

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