Monday, October 15, 2012


The Northeast of Brazil is hot all year round, but during the months of Octuber-December it becomes even hotter - especially when you are in Sousa - a dessert with practically no breeze!  I arrived in Sousa Monday night, and Tuesday Sister East and I were out under the hot, scorching sun teaching and making contacts.  Everytime I drank water I felt like a piece of dry, cracked ground that soaks up water in 2 seconds and looks like you didn't put any water on it.  Our apartment is another adventure in and of itself as well.  It's basically a cave with one window that we can't's refreshing to come home to at night after a long day in the sun (heehee).  Yet, the members and the work in Sousa compensate for the not so chique apartment and the heat stroke inducing climate.  The members here LOVE the missionaries and are always giving us referrels and offering to help us teach our investigators!  Everyday, Sister East and I tell each other, "Sousa é muito abençoado!"  It's always hard to leave an area that you've grown to love and that you've worked so hard to strengthen, but I am excited to see what miracles the Lord will bless us with in Sousa!

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