Wednesday, July 4, 2012


In Natal I would occassionally be questioned about my nationality or someone might comment on how strong my accent was, but for the most part people didn't feel the need to state the obvious...not so in Guarabira.  My companion and I will enter a home and someone goes running to invite the whole family to come see the two Americans that are in their home.  Everyone wants to talk to us, touch us, and wave at us! hahaha!  I feel like such a rare gem here in Guarabira and that's even with basically no make up, unattractive sandals, simple hairstyle (up and out of my face), and sweating like I just sat in a sauna for 10 minutes!  The city of Guarabira is about as big as Shippensburg (mais ou menos); small enough that people in the market know who we are and ask about where 'the other sister' went.  Friday night was some kind of festa (in reality where there's a Brazilian there's a festa!) and everybody had a bonfire lit in front of their house roasting corn on the cob or just sitting there watching as their children shot off fireworks and other explosives!  Sometime, just for fun, turn on some crazy, upbeat music really loud, add fireworks and other explosives going off in the background, then throw in some yelling children and drunk men, finally turn on a smoke machine to blind your eyes, AND then try and share a message about the Gospel with someone!  I always had this perfect image in my mind of what a mission would be like - sitting in someone's living room, no distractions, the spirit's strong and the person is attentive and can feel the spirit too, we teach our lesson, ask questions, answer questions, and then leave the house feeling like we're walking on sunshine! - HA!  and yet the Gospel still goes forth!  No unhallowed hand can stop this great work (and that includes fireworks, festas, yelling children, and bonfires)!  This Gospel is true and every man, woman, and child will have the opportunity to hear and accept the Gospel.  I love missionary work!  It's repetitive, it's exhausting, it's dirty, it's dang hard, but despite all this it's the greatest privilege to be an instrument in the Lord's hands, to watch as He guides my companion and I to reach out to His children and to bless their lives.  There really is no other greater work on the face of this earth than this; to bring souls unto Christ!!

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