Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glorious Sundays

It's always a glorious Sunday when our investigators actually come to Church!  Two Sundays ago we were especially excited because the family of the little girl who asked us to help her dad stop drinking came to Church!  They seemed to really enjoy it, and right after the meetings we marked a time with them that we could do a Family Home Evening with their family.  However, when we showed up Monday night they informed us that they liked the Church, but that they didn't want to have to commit to go every Sunday.  The rest of their family was Catholic and they just didn't want to fight to attend church every week and to keep the commandments.  They knew that they would have to change a lot of things in their life, and they didn't want to put in the effort.  They begged us to understand them and to not be mad with them.  With complete sincerity, I looked them in the eyes and said, 'We're not mad, we'd never be mad, but we are extremely sad because we know that this Gospel will bless your lives, and you don't want to accept it.'  I can't even begin to describe that feeling of sadness I had, to see choice children of God reject the blessings of the Gospel simply because they didn't want to work for it.  It made me think of a friend of mine who was a convert to the Gospel.  When I asked him to tell me his conversion story he told me that he literally had to fight for everything he has in the Gospel today.  Whether you are a convert or a life-long member we always have to be fighting for the Gospel.  Do you think family prayer, FHE, personal scripture study, temple attendence, church callings, etc are easy? NO!  Of course not, but they're worth it; they're worth the fight!!  Who's on the Lord's side who?...Let's you and me stand with the Lord; let's be on His side; because I can promise you, it'll always be the winning side!!

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