Monday, July 15, 2013

Beans and Blessings!

Even after 14 months of being in Brazil, I find it incredible that I still have adventures with the food.  After we had taught a lesson, the aunt of our investigator gave us some soup that was made from beans and rice.  We took the soup home, stuck it in our fridge, and forgot about it until the end of the week when all of our food was gone except for this soup.  None of the other Sisters in our apartment would touch the soup, but I don't like to see food wasted (even if it has a high probability to cause something terrible to happen to my insides).  Not only did I eat the soup, but I made the mistake to eat the soup for a night time snack and then for breakfast in the morning.  By lunch time, I was suffering.  My stomach and intestines were so full of gasses, it looked like an inflated balloon!  I haven't felt this terrible since the time I went on a 'homemade refried bean' kick in college and ate burritos for about every meal for a week! hahaha 

Last Sunday, I received a call from our Ward Mission Leader, "Sister, the cousin of Vitoria wants to be baptized.  Can you and your companion teach her this week?"  It didn't take me any time at all to answer that question!  We went to the home of Vitoria Sunday night, talked with her cousin, the sweetest 11-year old girl, (Alice) and marked her baptism for the up coming Saturday!  Alice had been coming to church with Vitoria every Sunday, and out of the blue today, asked what she needed to do to be baptized!  During this week, as I thought about the role of the members in missionary work, I couldn't help but think about how successful missionary work would be and the retention rate, if every member truly did their part to invite their friends and family to visit with the missionaries.  I love how in this past Conference, the suggestion was made that when our friends start to ask questions about the Church, we shouldn't just answer all of their questions by ourselves, but we should say, "Let's ask the missionaries, and if you want, I will be by your side the whole time!"  As missionaries, not only will we be able to respond their questions, but we will be able to invite them to come unto Christ and know for themselves that this Gospel is true!!  For all you faithful members out there...I have an invitation for you!  This week, whether it be in person or facebook, or cell phone, invite someone to visit with the missionaries  (that doesn't mean that they have to accept, but you at least have to invite!!) I promise that if you invite someone to visit with the missionaries this week, you will be filled with more vigor and excitement to take part in the Lord's great work!!

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