Friday, April 5, 2013

Grande Coisas

Saturday, we had marked the baptism of Edmundo.  Edmundo was supposed to be baptized on the 9th, but fell through.  We found out his problem, and worked hard to help him overcome his difficulties.  This past week, when we were teaching him, he practically cited Mosiah 5 (I think) to us when he said that he had no more desire to do evil, but to do good continually.  So, when his baptism fell through again this Saturday, I was a bit disappointed and confused.  However, I will not have the opportunity to help him overcome whatever is his challenge this time because I was transferred!!!

Saturday night, Sister Oliveira and I returned to our apartment, low in spirits, but determined to be positive and happy.  As we were putting the uneaten cookies from the baptism in the fridge, our cell phone rang.  "Oi Sister Fernelius, I have some news for you.  Tomorrow, you will go to the Bus station and buy a ticket to João Pessoa because you will be training again!"  I was dumb founded, and could only reply, "but Elder, can we buy tickets on Sunday?!" hahaha  Then, an even bigger surprise, Elder Williams asked to speak to my daughter, Sister Oliveira.  "Sister Oliveira, you need to buy a ticket to João Pessoa as well, because you will be training também!!!"  What the what!!!!!?  My daughter will be training right after being trained!!!  Pres Hall must have a lot of confidence that I trained her well!  Yesterday, I received my second daughter, Sister Da Paula from Maceió (she doesn't know Elder Erler).  We are opening an area in João Pessoa (bairro Bessa) that has always, always, always been the area of the assistants!  First, I open an area in Sousa that has always been the area of Líderes de Zona, and now I am opening an area that has always been the area of assistants!  Isso aí!  When Pres Hall was interviewing my daughter, he told her that she needed to learn a lot from me because he would need her help to train in May (5 weeks from now) because are mission is scheduled to receive 14 Sisters!!!!  Right now we have 22 Sisters!  It feels good to know that Pres Hall has such great confidence in my training abilities!  Sister Da Paula is amazing and we are going to tear apart Bessa!  When I was in Sousa, I said a prayer one night, "Heavenly Father, I am on fire, and I want to work.  I am ready to truly give everthing that I am.  Please, send me to open an area training an American" (the American part wasn't answered, but Heavenly Father answered the rest of my prayer!)  I LOVE missionary work!  I never want my mission to end.  Literally, Literally, I am seeing the promise fulfilled that I received when I was in Guarabira -- "you will be more than a conquerer" (Romans 8)  I love this work!!  

Some quick facts:
I lived in four different apartments in Sousa!  After the third move I mentioned to a member, "If President Hall needs to move missioanries, he can count on me!"  hahaha  I should be careful what I say!  Right now, my companion and I are living in Cabedelo with other Sisters, but we need to find an apartment in Bessa where we can live!

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