Tuesday, January 15, 2013


When I first arrived in Brazil, I rarely ever saw cyclist; not just people out riding a bicycle, but the hard core cyclist with the stretching shorts and clip in shoes.  Now, I feel like I see them ALL THE TIME, and everytime I see one a baby part of my heart cries out to be out there on a bicycle right alongside of them.  Até our recent convert, André has gotten into cycling and is always going on some adventurous cycling trip or coming back from one when we pass by his house.  AY!  Cycling is the best!!  And even all the way here in Brazil, the people of Sousa are discovering the love of cycling!!  Isso aí!!

André has wanted to have family home evening in his house for a long time.  This past week, his sister and brother-in-law from São Paulo arrived to visit.  He took advantage of this missionary opportunity and planned a family home evening activity for this Wednesday!  Our branch was great, and we had about 20 or so members that came to support André!  It was so fun to watch as André made sure to welcome everyone, start the lesson, assign the prayers, and then pass out the cake at the end.  The best part of the night was when we played a game called, 'O gato e o rato'!  (The cat and the mouse).  The game is played with two ties.  One tie is the mouse, and has to be tied twice around your neck before you can pass it on.  The other tie is the cat and has to be tied once around your neck before you pass it on.  If you end up with both ties, then you lose because the cat caught up with the mouse!!  When the 'cat tie' starts getting close to the 'mouse tie' everyone starts screaming and jumping up and down, trying to tie their knots as fast as they can! hahaha!  It's way fun!

This morning, I was reading the conference talk by Thomas S. Monson about recognizing our blessings.  I thought it was interesting that he said that we could find more happiness in our lives as we seek the Lord's help through prayer, and then learn to recognize the answers we receive and the many blessings we have been given.  Life is crummy sometimes, but if life was meant to be crummy why do we read in the scriptures, "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy!"  This scripture doesn't say that Adam fell so that we could all suffer and be miserable!  No, Adam fell so that we could come to earth, receive a body, learn to trust in our Lord and Savior, and to ultimately be happy!  I testify that what our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, taught us is true.  As we learn to 'count our blessings' and recognize that the Lord is always ready and waiting to answer our prayers and strengthen us in our moments of trial and weakness, we will find true happiness in the journey of life!!

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