Monday, November 19, 2012


I can't resist giving a shout out to my sister, Cassie, who just received her mission call to Fortaleza, Brazil!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOHOOOOOO  Missions are the BEST, but Brazil has a special place in my heart with cookies, ice cream, and everything else wonderful in life!!  

This morning, Sister East and I left our apartment at 10:30 to start our P-Day activities.  Before we can get out on the street, we have to unlock a big gate in front of our apartment.  The lock always gives us trouble, but today it was impossible!  We asked one of our neighbors to try and unlock the gate, but she couldn't.  We called the owner of the apartment, but he couldn't come until 1:00.  Sister East and I aren't the kind of people to just sit around, especially after a long week of missionary work.  One tiny little lock wasn't going to keep us prisioners in our own apartment.  We did a quick scout along the fence and found a spot that looked easy to climb up and over.  Then, with skirts and all, we pulled ourselves up and then jumped over!  Freedom!!!  The people of Sousa already think we're crazy for running every morning, so jumping over fences will just reaffirm to them our strangeness.  

As a missionary, I hear all kinds of excuses...all kinds!  Sometimes I get weary of hearing the excuses, and I just want to say, "só diga logo a verdade" (just tell us the truth!)  Yet, other times, the excuses can get pretty funny.  This past week, Sister East and I  were talking to three people.  Each of them lived in a different house.  We invited one of them to come to church and she replied that she couldn't because she would be moving houses on Sunday.  Tudo bem, on to the next person.  However, the next person replied that he would also be moving on Sunday (riiiiiiiiight *winky face*)  Sister East then turned to the third person and said, "and let me guess, you're going to be moving on Sunday, too?"  hahaha!  If you're going to make an excuse, at least make an effort to be original!

One of my favorite parts of serving a mission, is recognizing the countless miracles we are blessed with everyday.  Even a miracle as small as commenting to my companion that I would love a certain kind of juice, and then we show up at a member's house for lunch and they have made the exact juice that I was craving!  It's something small, but truly is a testimony ot me that Heavenly Father is aware of our lives to the tiniest detail.  He wants to bless us, strengthen us, and raise our spirits!  

I was studying this week in Alma about the antichrist, Korihor.  Korihor led away many Nephites to commit sins and lose their faith.  However, when Korihor tried to destory the testimonies of the people of Jershon and the people of Gideon he did not have any success.  What was the difference?  The people of Jershon and the people of Gideon didn't let Korihor stay among them and preach; they tied him up and threw him out!  We need to do the same thing with Satan in our lives.  Satan will try to enter our lives and our homes in whatever way possible; movies, internet, cell phones, TV, books, crazy schedules, pride, etc.  He will find our weak point and do what he can to tear us down.  Yet, we are more powerful than Satan.  We do not have to let him have success in our lives and homes.  We need to recognize the methods that Satan is using to weaken our testimonies, and then do as the people of Jershon and Gideon, 'tie it up, and throw it out'!!!  I know that this Gospel is true!  We have the power to choose eternal life and happiness!  Daily prayer and scripture study will strengthen our testimonies!!  Stay strong and keep enduring!

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